Deep tissue (or sports) massage uses deeper slower strokes to target deeper layers of tissue. Therefore, the therapeutic effects far exceed those associated with a relaxing alternative. As well as using traditional techniques, working on trigger points (commonly known as knots), aids to relax the muscles and free-up the joints. So, what are the main benefits associated with a deep tissue massage?

Male Receiving Deep Tissue Massage

It Helps Correct Poor Posture 

It counteracts all that sitting you do! Desk workers, take note! Often, postural stress is caused by the habits we adopt by sitting in the same position everyday. Thankfully, massage helps to reduce the postural strain caused by excess sitting, which means you can continue to keep your office job, just schedule in a regular treatment. 


It Reduces Anxiety

Often stress can start to show up in our neck and shoulders making our bodies feel tense, further leading to more anxiety. Moreover, studies reveal that a therapeutic massage can help reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. It was reported that persons with such symptoms, reported feeling happier and more relaxed after an hour’s treatment.


It Aids Injury Recovery

While the body is recovering from any injury, it is vital that enough rest is taken. However, to assist recovery, a therapeutic massage can help to heal the muscles and drain away any excess fluid that is causing inflammation.  Furthermore, it has been found that a regular sports massage is a vital part to any sportsman or woman’s regime and may play a key role in injury prevention.


It Improves Sleep

It promotes relaxation, which leads to better sleep. In addition, it has been reported that the quality of sleep is far improved after treatment. Helping you to feel more refreshed and well-rested for the day ahead.


It Reduces Joint & Muscle Pain

Often the aches and pains we feel in our bodies are due to tight muscles and irritated joints. Back and neck pain can often be caused by the tight muscles, which prevent the joints from moving freely. Therefore, releasing by the tension  in the muscles using  deep tissue massage may be a simple solution to your long standing back pain. 


So, why wait?! Book yourself in for a deep tissue massage and enjoy all the benefits listed above!

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