Hijama Cupping (wet cupping) Therapy

A deep tissue treatment which aims to reduce pain, release muscle tension and improve overall health and well-being by improving blood flow. It is often able to treat areas of pain and dysfunction that other modalities such as massage are unable to effect.

Hijama cupping therapy is a simple therapeutic procedure that is also known as Wet Cupping. Used to improve blood circulation, it is an ancient healing modality found across all cultures and widely practised by the Muslim community.

The treatment involves a negative pressure or suction being applied by a cup in order to create a vacuum to draw the blood to the surface of the skin, then after applying small superficial scratches, the cup is reapplied and the blood is removed from below the skin.

Hijama cupping therapy removes blood and tissue fluid, that may be a mix of old blood cells and other metabolic byproducts. Simply put, it removes toxins!

Cupping Therapy at Osteopathy West London


Registered Osteopath Ben Rookledge offers wet cupping therapy at Osteopathy West London in Ealing Broadway to patients from all walks of life, and advocates that this style of treatment is beneficial to all and able to treat a range of conditions that other treatment modalities may not achieve.

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