Osteopathy is best known for the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck pain, however, it is able to help you with a whole host of conditions.

Osteopaths are experts in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain (pain from the muscles, bones, and joints) and seek to treat the underlying cause as well as the symptoms of pain and discomfort.

Ultimately, it is the goal of the osteopath to get you out of pain and guide you back to optimum health so that you can continue to function as normal in your daily life.

Treatment may vary, depending on the signs and symptoms, though it may include joint manipulation, medical acupuncture, muscle stretching, deep tissue massage, postural assessment, lymphatic drainage, exercise prescription and dietary assessment.



Osteopathy can help you with...



  • I’m amazed how Hannah helped relieve my pain and help correct my posture in just a few short treatments. Thank-you!

    Michelle Clark,Ealing

  • Hannah helped me with reoccurring back pain that I have had for years, as well as teaching me several exercises and stretches to stop it from happening again. Money well spent!

    John Edwards,Northfields

  • I went to Hannah for a shoulder injury and her treatment made a big difference. I highly recommended her treatment!

    Carmen Travis,Hanwell