Back Pain: 6 Things You Need To Know

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By Hannah E. Whitcombe

Being a victim of back pain can have a huge impact on your daily life. The things you normally take for granted become hard work and painful. usual activities such as getting out of bed in the morning, playing with the kids and the daily commute can all become an agonising chore.

Back Pain 6 Things You Need To Know

Having a better understanding of back pain though can have a significant effect on your recovery and your ability to cope as a sufferer. So, we’ve put our first blog of the month together with exactly that in mind. Here are 6 things you need to know about back pain that will be helpful as you seek treatment and work your way back to full health…


1 | It Doesn’t Have To Be Caused By An Injury.

Back pain always happens for a reason even though the absence of a notable accident or injury can make it seem like it came out of nowhere! One second you may feel fine and the next you’re in pain, seemingly for no apparent reason. Many of the patients we see have back pain that isn’t caused by an injury. So, in these cases, what’s the cause?

Back pain can be caused by a variety of reasons, both physiological and emotional. Things such as anxiety, stress and even lack of sleep can result in a build up in tension or a gradual weakening of muscles over time. Although your back is very adaptable and can cope with these stresses for a while, ultimately, if the stress persists or the weakness progresses, pain will inevitably result. So, keep your back healthy, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and be sure to find a way to manage your stress.


2 | Most Acute Back Pain Won’t Last. 

The vast majority of people make a full recovery from acute back pain. Generally, over 80% of acute back issues will have settled within 3 months and osteopathy is an effective way to speed up your recovery.

One of the biggest problems is that once the pain goes people continue with their normal habits and lifestyle which is often the cause of the injury in the first place. It’s therefore important to understand the causes of your pain and make changes to your lifestyle to avoid future problems.


3 | Nothing Is ‘Out Of Place’.

At no point with any back treatment does a joint or disc get ‘put back into place’. If that were the case it would mean that your back was dislocated and you would be in A&E! With acute back pain it may feel as though something has slipped out of place. This however is a sensation from the nervous system, not a physical reality.


4 | Paracetamol Is Unlikely To Help.

Studies have shown that paracetamol won’t help back pain. No more than a placebo in fact! The evidence from these studies have suggested that paracetamol is ineffective in reducing pain, disability or enhancing quality of life in patients.


5 | Get Out Of Bed!

Staying in bed and adopting the good (or rather bad) old-fashioned advice for pain is bad news! Exercise and continuing to stay active are critical to a speedy recovery as tissues recover faster from injury or damage when they’re gently worked and used.

When suffering from severe pain, you’ll need to change your day-to-day activities and ensure you move at a more cautious pace. Try to avoid resting for more than a couple of hours each day if you can! Finding that you’re in more pain when you wake up in the morning is typical and is caused by inflammation that build up overnight.


6 | Back Pain Is Worse In Smokers.

Smoking reduces the volume of oxygenated blood reaching the spinal area. This fundamentally results in a higher likelihood of injury and prolonged healing times. Furthermore, smoking decreases the mineral content in bones, resulting in a reduction in bone density.


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