When Can Osteopathy Help Your Baby or Child?

Here at Osteopathy West London we specialise in treating both babies and young children. Like adults, babies and young children suffer from musculo-skeletal issues too. Osteopathy for babies & children provides a natural and safe approach which can help throughout all stages of development.

Babies’ skeletons are softer than an adult’s and paediatric osteopathy treatments therefore use a wide range of gentle approaches such as structural, visceral, fascial and cranial techniques. Cranial osteopathy in particular is becoming increasingly popular for treating common conditions affecting babies and young children.

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This involves the application of minimal pressure to the plates of the bones of the skull and spine in order to release subtle tensions in the deeper tissues enabling the body to return to a state of physical balance and well-being. A healthy balance and function of the musculoskeletal framework of the body is essential to overall health and development of the body.

When Can Osteopathy Help Your Baby Or Child?

Paediatric osteopathy can be used to help with the following…

Unsettled Babies

Scoliosis & Body Asymmetries


Breastfeeding Difficulties

Milestone Assessments

Sports Injuries


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