Should I book in for a sports massage or an osteopathy session?

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Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment best know for the treatment of back and neck pain. However it is a suitable form of manual medicine for any area of the body. Typical complaints would be neck pain, shoulder pain, RSI and osteoarthritis. 

During your first session, your osteopath will diagnose the issue, formulate a treatment plan, start treatment and send some key diet and lifestyle recommendations to you for you to do between sessions. 

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A sports massage however is generally a little more straightforward and ideal for anyone experiencing general aches and pains without specific complaint, injury or recent trauma. It is therefore ideal as both a solution to a minor strain or as a regular part of your self-care routine. 
Sports massage (regardless of its name) is ideal for sports people and non-sports people alike and is a style of deep tissue massage that uses a combination of massage and deep stretching ideal for ironing out those knots and kinks that result from daily activity. 
It is not uncommon for us to see many desk workers for regular sports massage to help them with postural strains. 

Sports Massage At Osteopathy West London

When should I book an osteopathy session and when should I book a sports massage?

Many of our patients start having regular sports massage treatments every 4-6 weeks shortly after their initial course of osteopathy is complete, as a a way of avoiding recurrence. Others choose it as a regular part of self-care and relaxation. 
But in a nutshell, if you are experiencing any undiagnosed aches and pains, have had a recent injury or aches and pains that do not respond to massage or self-care routines, book in for an osteopathy appointment, for everything else, there’s sports massage. 
Our Sports Massage therapist- Natalie Swiecicki is offering full 60-minute massage treatments for just £55 until the end of 2022! She has great availability on evening and weekends, but be quick to grab a slot and take advantage of her offer before she gets all booked up! 


See you soon! 
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