What happens at a Mummy MOT in Ealing

Mummy MOT Ealing. Postnatal healthcare at osteopathy West London.

What is a Mummy MOT?

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In this blog, we'll provide a brief overview to what happens when you come to see an osteopath for a Mummy MOT in our Ealing clinic.

Mummy Mot Osteopathy West London


Having a baby changes your body. The Mummy MOT in Ealing helps mums check how they're doing after giving birth, especially with their posture, tummy, and pelvic floor muscles.

Often new mums are left confused on what activity they should or shouldn't do. We know that after eight weeks most ladies are discharged from the care of their doctor or midwife and are left to do a lot of the guess work when returning to sport or activity, with a little help from Dr Google! Sound like you?

Our Mummy MOT is a full postnatal health check that can help you confidently and safely return to exercise, while also screening for lingering symptoms that could possibly worsen over time. It is performed by our postnatal specialist Jacqueline ball (registered osteopath) and can help with bowel or bladder incontinence, back or joint pain, issues returning to intimacy, diastasis recti (the tummy gap) and scars caused by c-section to name a few.


Mummy Mot Ealing Postnatal Healthcare At Osteopathy West London

What Happens at Mummy MOT Ealing?

At our Ealing clinic, we'll check how you sit and stand, how strong your tummy muscles are, and how well your pelvic floor is working. We'll then create a plan of action with simple exercises and treatments just for you.

We will;

  • conduct a full medical case history
  • assess diet and current fitness levels
  • assess posture and muscle strength
  • assess the tummy gap
  • assess the pelvic floor with optional internal examination
  • and most importantly assess your readiness to return to sport or activity

Our Mummy MOT practitioner in Ealing

Jacqueline Ball is both a registered osteopath and mummy MOT practitioner. She has a background in pilates and rehabilitative exercise prescription. She has a special interest in women's health and working with ladies during all stages of pregnancy. 

Why Mummy MOT Matters 

The Mummy MOT isn't just about your body—it's about feeling good in yourself too. When you're happy and strong, you can enjoy being a mum even more.

New mums in Ealing, don't forget to take care of yourself too. With the Mummy MOT, we'll help you feel better and more confident. Let's work together to make you stronger and happier.


The Mummy MOT is a registered certification with specific training requirements and a code of service and delivery. You can find out more here.