What happens at my first osteopathy appointment?

Osteopathy West London

Osteopathy West London

Coming to see the osteopath for the first time often raises several questions. We have put together an overview of what will happen at your very first session.

Osteopathy West London

1. Welcome: Your Osteopath will welcome you and give you a registration form to fill out in the waiting room.

2. Consultation: You will be taken into the treatment room and asked to take a seat to start the verbal consultation. Consultation will give you a chance to discuss your symptoms, current health, any issues and past medical history with your osteopath.

3. Assessment: You will be asked to dress down to your underwear for an assessment. You can wear small shorts and a vest if you prefer, or if you choose, you can dress down to as far as you are comfortable.

4. Diagnosis and consent to treat: Your osteopath will share their thoughts about what is going on and how they would like to proceed with treatment. If you agree and formally give your consent, they will begin the treatment for you that day.

5. Follow-up appointment: We will advise when to come back for your next treatment and re-book your appointment for you.

6. Aftercare advice: Any aftercare advice and or exercises that your osteopath recommends will be sent to you via email following your session.

Not ready for a full consultation or are unsure of how osteopathy can help you? No problem! We offer FREE assessments, where you will have a chance to come and meet the osteopath and talk through your symptoms before decoding whether or not to come back for treatment. Appointments can be made at osteopathywestlondon.com/booknow

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