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Whether you're feeling the effects of sport, repetitive activity or from too much time sat at your desk, we can help!


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Sports Massage At Osteopathy West London Ealing

Are you starting to feel a little more achey and stiff  in the morning?

Are you feeling the effects of sport or physical activity?

Are you feeling the effects of too much time sat at your desk?

Have you recently recovered from injury and keen to to avoid a repeat episode?


Maybe you've been treated by one of our osteopaths and are keen to maximise the benefits of your treatment?

If so, we're here to help!

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Sports massage goes hand-in-hand with osteopathy, and once recovered from any injury or episode of acute pain, we recommend that our patients consider a sports massage every 4-6 weeks. But whether you have been to see us for a previous injury or not, our dedicated sports massage therapist advocates that sports massage can help to; 


Revive tired achey muscles

Whether you have been hitting the gym, training for an event or just putting your body to the test, our experienced massage therapist will quickly understand the the treatment approach for you and get you back to feeling like you again!

Reduce the effects of postural strain from too much sitting or desk-work

It's not just about sport! Did you know that sports massage therapy is an ideal treatment for desk workers and is able to offset the effects of postural strain.

Prevent injury

If you are looking for a way to stay on track and avoid injury, regular sports massage can help identify potential problems and stop an injury in its tracks!

Speed up existing injury recovery

If you are recovering from injury and being treated by one of our osteopaths, sports massage can be a great way to speed up the process and get you back to being you more quickly.

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Sports Massage Ealing

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