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Sports massage with Natalie Swiecicki

For minor sports-related injury or postural aches and strains, we recommend booking in for a sports massage with our qualified massage therapist and fitness enthusiast - Natalie Swiecicki.

But it's not just for sports people and athletes!

Sports massage is an ideal treatment for everyone and can help relieve the general aches and strains of daily life by using stretching and deep tissue techniques.

Natalie is a qualified sports massage therapist that has worked with both sport and non-sport focused clients. Her aim is to help clients feel their best, whether that be for fitness & performance purposes or general health & wellbeing.

Sports Massage At Osteopathy West London

Her service aims to reduce muscle tension & discomfort, increase range of motion & promote the body’s natural ability to recover from exercise and/or repetitive strain.

Through deep tissue work and various massage techniques, she is able to support in the prevention of soft tissue injury.

To feel more relaxed and reduce both physical and psychological stress , book a treatment with Natalie to get you feeling like you again!





  • I’m amazed how Hannah helped relieve my pain and help correct my posture in just a few short treatments. Thank-you!

    Michelle Clark,Ealing

  • Hannah helped me with reoccurring back pain that I have had for years, as well as teaching me several exercises and stretches to stop it from happening again. Money well spent!

    John Edwards,Northfields

  • I went to Hannah for a shoulder injury and her treatment made a big difference. I highly recommended her treatment!

    Carmen Travis,Hanwell