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By Benjamin Rookledge M.Ost (Osteopath & Martial Artist)

Something I often humour my patients with is that they have a personal enemy number one, gravity! This really is a conversation I enjoy as it opens their eyes to how we have to negotiate gravity on a daily basis, from watching Netflix to doing a pull up at the gym.

Meric Tuna A8byzjkkh4w Unsplash

Secret weapon # 1 – Bone and Muscle!

For us, time passes by quickly and all the while, gravity is having an effect on our bodies. It makes us develop bone and muscle in specific places, which really helps in our fight against this incredible force! However, these developments can accumulate unevenly, stressing the body resulting in aches and pains!. Aches and pains can be a sign that gravity is winning the battle!


Secret weapon # 2 – Consciousness!

Being aware of gravity and how it affects our bodies is key in our fight for survival. We have evolved to be up right and therefore we should aim to be balanced – using gravity as our friend not foe!  Visiting the osteopath can help bring awareness and balance to improve your skills in the battle against gravity.


Patients often reflect and give feedback saying that they have been more in control of themselves – this always brings me joy as I know that my role as a martial arts infused osteopath is to secretly empower people in their bodies!


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